By Donald Marron

30-Second Economics

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3-MINUTE BOOM The application of monetarist policy is often associated with a significant reduction in the money supply as a means to reduce growing inflation rates. The argument is that in the long term, stability and growth will result, as happened after the United States’ successful battle against inflation in the early 1980s. Yet one corollary of this is a shortterm increase in unemployment. Do such immediate social consequences outweigh the assumed benefits of such monetary policy? ” MILTON FRIEDMAN Controlling the supply of money has a direct affect on the economy.

3-SECOND CRASH The government should spend and cut taxes to soften economic downturns. 3-MINUTE BOOM Keynesianism seemed to be the cure to capitalism’s problems. For 30 years, growth rates were high and most people had a job—in the West at least. But in the 1970s there was stagflation and government spending couldn’t make things better. The monetarists attacked Keynesians, suggesting that governments had overexpanded the money supply, so creating inflation. Supply-siders pointed out that expanding the supply-side would both increase production and bring inflation down.

Demand-siders believe that empowering workers and encouraging them to consume more creates demand for products, which in turn stimulates industry and creates employment. Thus, governments should invest in educating and creating opportunities for workers and ensuring they get a fair deal from employers through employment legislation. KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS (NORMATIVE) the 30-second theory John Maynard Keynes diagnosed the Great Depression as a failure of aggregate demand: People didn’t want to spend, and so the world economy spiraled downward.

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