By Arthur Naiman

Incredible because it turns out, the government's model of what occurred on September eleven, 2001, cannot possibly be real. with no undertaking any hypothesis or conjecture, this booklet proves that past a shadow of a doubt.

For instance, it lists ten infallible signs of destruction through explosives and 4 infallible signs of destruction via fireplace. the realm alternate middle structures exhibited all ten of the previous and none of the latter. (That's now not wonderful, seeing that no steel-framed construction has ever failed as a result of fire—not even the Caracas skyscraper that burned for 17+ hours, nor the Beijing high-rise engulfed in vibrant orange flames from most sensible to bottom.)

Then there is WTC 7. now not struck by means of a airplane, topic to not anything greater than minor workplace fires, its forty seven tales collapsed into their very own footprint in a way indistinguishable from a managed demolition . . . that could clarify how BBC television was once capable of file it twenty-three mins earlier than it...

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Who would benefit? Our government wouldn’t do this to us. T. WALDRON— WHO HAVE KEPT THIS ISSUE ALIVE AND IN FRONT OF THE PUBLIC FOR TEN YEARS. THEY’VE PATIENTLY BATHED SKEPTICS LIKE ME IN THE BRIGHT LIGHT OF REASON UNTIL WE FINALLY OPENED OUR EYES. PATIENCE IS NOT A VIRTUE I’M WELL ACQUAINTED WITH, SO I’M PARTICULARLY IMPRESSED BY THEIR SEEMINGLY ENDLESS SUPPLIES OF IT. 1 John Farmer, Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission The events of September 11, 2001 were, to put it mildly, major crimes that need to be investigated.

Since the impact zone of the plane was lower—the 78th to 84th floors—the top section was larger, about 26 floors. But as you can clearly see in the photo on the front cover, it began its descent toppling off the lower part of the building. How could it crush the heavier, stronger 77 floors below it if it didn’t even fall directly onto them? Problem #6: How could the collapses be so perfectly symmetrical? Each building had 110 floors; each floor was supported by 287 separate columns (47 in the core, 240 on the perimeter).

The official story, and why it can’t be true Buildings can be destroyed by a number of different forces, each of which has very different characteristics. By identifying those characteristics, you can determine what caused the destruction—or at least rule out some impossible candidates. That’s exactly what several government agencies were charged with doing with regard to the World Trade Center attacks. Similar investigations, such as the ones that looked into Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination and the space shuttle disasters, all started within about a week.

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