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Die Debatte über den Kalten Krieg: Politische Konjunkturen — historisch-politische Analysen

I. So hat vor allem Kuniholm (1979) deutlich herausarbeiten konnen, dass der Kalte Krieg, anders als oft behauptet, nicht mit der Auseinandersetzung um europaische, sondern um nahostliche Gebiete begann. 2. In gewisser Weise wurde ich hier Nolte allerdings vorsichtig widersprechen, denn Elemente eines Kalten Krieges im Sinne der weitestgehenden Definition lassen sich z.

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8. 9. 1). Moreover, the other consonants are often subject to lenition if not in the onset of a prominent syllable. Note, however, that lenition is optional. The measurements for /l/ and /b/ in the right hand column of Table 5 are from non-lenited occurrences. There are different ways to measure the length of a consonant. Only the relative length differences are relevant here, all tokens of the same consonant have been measured in the same way. Namely Pie-Claude Ondobo. Note that the measurements presented in table 5 are based on another speaker, Désiré Essono.

J/ /Ěà/ ‘sing’ (v) /àjá/ ‘pain’ /d/ vs. /g‫ۅ‬b/ /dá/ ‘to lose’ (v) /g‫ۅ‬bà/ ‘to throw’ (v) /g‫ۅ‬b/ vs. /g/2 /͡m‫ڮ‬g‫ۅ‬bŲ‫ڟ‬l/ ‘witchcraft’ /͡‫ڮ‬gŲ‫ڟ‬d/ ‘cruelty’ /d/ vs. /g/ /á bíࣨdí/ ‘in the food’ /á ࣨlígí/ ‘to stay’ /g‫ۅ‬b/ vs. /͡‫ۅ‬m/ /g‫ۅ‬bà/ ‘lance’ (v) /͡‫ۅ‬mám/ ‘be acid’ (v) /d/ vs. /z/ /dì͡/ ‘love’ (v) /zí͡bá/ ‘hate’ (v) /g‫ۅ‬b/ vs. /w/ /g‫ۅ‬bà/ ‘lance’ (v) /wàz/ ‘comb’ (v) /d/ vs. /n/ /dà͡/ ‘cross’ (v) /ná͡/ ‘grow’ (v) /g/ vs. /͡/ /dígá/ ‘prick’ (v) /mìmpì͡á/ ‘cover’ /d/ vs. /l/ /dà͡/ ‘cross’ (v) /lá͡/ ‘read’ (v) /s/ vs.

Readers who are unfamiliar with tone might want to read Section 7 first. For others, it suffices to know that the complex tone patterns of Eton are described by means of three structural tones: low, high and dissimilating high. These can be structurally linked to a weight unit or not. In the latter case, we will speak of floating tones. No claims are made here 20. 2. There is a problem with levels of conditioning here (a representation rule conditioned by the result of a realisation rule). Most probably this should not be treated as a rule but as an interdialectal generalisation.

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