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At the eve of an important presidential election in a long time, A state FOR ALL sounds the trumpet to the hundreds of thousands of U.S. Catholics who've refused to shop for the proposal that folks of religion needs to join the slender schedule of the some distance correct. by way of shining the sunshine of real Catholic instructing on urgent modern issues like conflict, human dignity, poverty, and the looming worldwide weather predicament, this e-book exhibits Catholics how their very own religion culture calls them to take on a sweeping array of concerns more often than not ignored of the religion and politics conversation. most vital, A country FOR ALL demonstrates how the middle Catholic and Christian trust in selling the typical solid gives you american citizens of all religion traditions with a much-needed approach to the downward spiral of greed, materialism, and over the top individualism.

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Popes and Principles The Catholic social tradition is too expansive to address its entire history in this book. But over the years, some of the writings and work of our church leaders have stood out in particular as significant steps forward in the development of social doctrine. Here we look at several of these popes and examine some of their key encyclicals in order to get a better sense of how the core themes of the Catholic social tradition develop in the face of changing social and economic realities.

Despite the council’s reforms, however, it’s still true that many American Catholics never hear the words Catholic, social, and tradition in the same sentence. Chris was an altar boy and went through his first three years of Catholic college before he encountered the phrase, and Alexia didn’t really get the whole story until she learned about the antipoverty work of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. But the idea that part of being Catholic means applying the Christian message to the social problems of our world was to both of us, as it is to all who discover the Catholic social tradition, already deeply familiar.

History also explains the lack of focus on the Catholic social tradition. Among other reasons, the Church’s firm rejection of excessive individualism, materialism, and other intellectual assumptions of modern political thought—often important critiques, as we’ll see—have contributed to a sense of separation between the Church and rest of contemporary society. This popular perception changed dramatically in 1962 when Pope John XXIII convened a historic meeting of Church leaders known as the Second Vatican Council.

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