By Bill Pronzini

The writer of Blue Lonesome, a brand new York occasions e-book evaluate remarkable e-book, has created one other attractive novel of suspense. Set in a small, remoted city in Northern California, A barren region of Strangers is a fast paced, memorable tale concerning the arrival of a stranger--and the homicide of a pretty, lonely girl.

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I don't like his kind, not one little bit. I wished I'd charged him seventy-five a night instead of sixty-five. Bet he'd have paid it, too. Must've had a thousand dollars or more stuffed into that pigskin wallet of his. Roll of bills fat enough to gag a sixty-pound Doberman. " John C. Faith, Los Angeles. Phony name if I ever heard one. What in hell could he want in a half-dead backwater like Pomo? Zenna Wilson HE SCARED ME half to death. And not just because he startled me, sneaking up as quiet as an Indian or a thief.

He'd been watching the stranger and me, but at a discreet distance; eavesdropping wasn't one of his faults. He had been a friend of Neal's and he neither liked the widow nor approved of her behavior. One of many Storm-haters in Pomo, not that I or the Hunger cared. If he hadn't had an inordinate fondness for the almighty dollar he would have declared me persona non grata long ago. "No luck tonight, Mrs. " he said. He refused any longer to call me by my first name. " "Yes, ma'am. " For the first time I noticed that Doug was still absent, his place at the bar cleared away.

I don't know. Only big city I've ever been in is San Francisco. " He shrugged. " "Well," I said. Then I said, "This is the best place on the lake to eat, no kidding. " Darlene came over as I was pouring coffee to take to the couple in booth nine. She tucked up a piece of her red hair and said, "That's some hunk over there. " "Yeah? " "You know what I mean, Lori. " "Makeup doesn't quite hide it. " "Earle's got a temper. " "He's getting better. " "He is. " She said, "It's your life," and went back into the kitchen.

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