By Carl Bowen

It truly is extra strong than countries. It controls extra novas than the other entity on this planet. it's undertaking Utopia, stalwart mother or father of Earth. Utopia has ended wars, cured illnesses and stored whole populations from hunger. So why are a few novas so hell-bent to take it down?

This sourcebook info undertaking Utopia and the novas who serve it. a complete association together with subsidiaries staff day after today and venture Proteus is roofed in minute aspect during this 144-page tome.

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Fangwood maintain has replaced palms innumerable occasions considering that its founding many years in the past at the border among the warring countries of Molthune and Nirmathas. through the years, either nations have sacrificed funds and infantrymen so one can keep watch over the castle alongside the Marideth River valley, either for its tactical place and for its safe defenses. lately, even if, the battles round Fangwood preserve have faded to a trickle as Nirmathas has firmly rooted itself within the surrounding valley, permitting the tide of battle to shift in different places and peace to settle eventually over Fangwood Keep.

This respite was once shattered through the arriving of a renegade Molthuni commander named Pavo Vos. captivated with shooting Fangwood hold and unraveling the fortress’s mysteries, the defecting lieutenant unlawfully used his platoon to safe the citadel, a lot to the ire of either the Molthuni and Nirmathi governments. Now the duty of bringing Vos to justice and reclaiming Fangwood hold for Nirmathas lies exclusively within the computers’ capable hands.

"Fangwood continue" is an experience of infiltration, research, and dungeon exploration for 4th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and suitable with the three. five version of the world’s oldest RPG. This quantity additionally encompasses a gazetteer of the Marideth River valley and a brand-new monster from the weird realm of the fey, either one of that could simply be built-in into any crusade setting.

Written through Alex Greenshields.
Cover artwork by means of Alex Aparin.

Pathfinder Modules are 32-page, fine quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open video game License to paintings with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the normal three. five myth RPG principles set. This Pathfinder Module comprises new monsters, treasure, and a completely particular bonus situation that may be used as a part of the journey or in the other video game!

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Night, whoever gazes through the lens of starsight gains the Each additional viewing attempt requires the user to spend 1 hour benefits of starsight (see page 29) as wel l as a +2 competence gazing through the telescope. A character can benefit from only bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks relating to the stars. one viewing at a time; a second viewing removes the previous benefit, regardless of whether the new attempt succeeds or fails. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS I COST 27,000 GP Only one magical lens (such as this or a harvesting lens) can be attached to a telescope at a time.

CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS I COST 27,000 GP Only one magical lens (such as this or a harvesting lens) can be attached to a telescope at a time. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS I COST 1,300 GP Craft Wondrous Item, divination, creator has at least 1 O ranks in Craft Wondrous Item, starsight, creator has at least 2 ranks in Knowledge (geography) Knowledge (geography) PRICE 30 AURA faint divination PRICE 5,400 GP 3,000 GP WEIGHT 1 lb. WEIGHT 25 lbs. This t h ick, i ntricate l ens piece is covered i n Ointment of void sealing comes in a 4-gallon alchemical wiring.

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