By Christopher M Norris PhD MSc MCSP

Useful instruction manual combines conventional chinese language and Western acupuncture with smooth physiotherapy thoughts. contains illustrations and scientific information. therapy protocols also are integrated. For execs drawn to the topic. Softcover. DNLM: Acupuncture issues.

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For example, in normal standing with the arms by the sides, the large intestine meridian (yang) is anterior in the arm. In the same standing position, the meridian linked to it in the six channel pairing, the stomach (yang), lies in an anterior position in the leg. The six channel pairing also represents levels of energy within the meridian system. With the small intestine and bladder meridians (Tai Yang or Major Yang) being the most exterior of the yang meridians. 1b. The circulation of qi begins in the yin channel in the chest (on the ®rst Meridians circuit this is the lung) and travels to the interiorly±exteriorly related yang channel on the hand (large intestine).

Nourishing the blood will extinguish wind (Maciocia, 1994). SP-5 and SP-6 may both be used to eliminate dampness. SP-5 forti®es the spleen alone while SP-6 also harmonises the liver and kidney. In addition BL-20 may be used in cases of dampness as it is the back shu point of the Spleen. ST-36 also forti®es the spleen and removes dampness, but will additionally act to harmonise the stomach (internally connected to the spleen). GB-40 is the in¯uential point of tendons and this may be used for classic bi syndromes.

Constant bitter taste in the mouth. Spasm in the limbs. Headache. Tinnitus. Blurred vision. Lower abdominal pain. ,1994) Proportional measurement Acupuncture points may be located in two ways. Firstly they may be placed in anatomical terms in relation to surface anatomy, using body landmarks. For example, the point HT-7 lies proximal to the pisiform bone on the radial side of ¯exor carpi ulnaris. Secondly, points may be 29 30 Acupuncture:Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions located using proportional measurement.

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