By Alberto Alexandre, Marcos Masini, Pier Paolo Maria Menchetti

Radiologists, orthopedic and neurological surgeons current the several minimally invasive tools. Peripheral nerve difficulties and difficulties pertaining to differential analysis in precise occasions akin to among radicular and peripheral nerve trunk lesions are mentioned, pinpointing the importance of alternative diagnostic instruments. Minimally invasive options, applied these days to lessen bone demolition, scarring and threat of recurrence are analyzed. Microdiscectomy is in comparison with the result of intradiscal options, and new tools are mentioned dealing with difficulties reminiscent of epidural fibrotisation, microinstability, osteoporotic or neoplastic or posttraumatic vertebral lesions.

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The activation of fibroblasts causes additional scarring and a subsequent reduction in the herniated disc tissue under strain. Around the root ganglion space, ozone improves the tissue oxygenation and through the immune modulating effect, reduces the release and activation of cytokines, bradykines and prostaglandins and other pain stimulators [1, 2, 13]. Manchikanti et al. [9] used steroids and anesthetics through epidural endoscopy with 50% of initial pain reduction but no significant residual result after 6 months.

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