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Die Debatte über den Kalten Krieg: Politische Konjunkturen — historisch-politische Analysen

I. So hat vor allem Kuniholm (1979) deutlich herausarbeiten konnen, dass der Kalte Krieg, anders als oft behauptet, nicht mit der Auseinandersetzung um europaische, sondern um nahostliche Gebiete begann. 2. In gewisser Weise wurde ich hier Nolte allerdings vorsichtig widersprechen, denn Elemente eines Kalten Krieges im Sinne der weitestgehenden Definition lassen sich z.

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This seems convincing to me. In an article entitled dhugHter in Irish, MSS. , E. P. Hamp concludes on the strength of the form Ter- that there cannot have been a vocalized medial *H in the Celtic preform of the word for 'daughter', d. p. 40: "Now if Celtic had in fact vocalized the *H as a medial syllable we should have had *dugatir > *dogthair. But as O'Brien has correctly reconstructed, Ter- must come from *duchtir < *duktir. In this indirect fashion we gain valuable additional evidence for the' form of this important and archaic IE word.

129, note 41, the Hittite impv. ' is to be connected with Lat. ). , who sees in lalJ, the root of the enlarged stem la(y,)l~uwa-. 50 (according to G. Hart's hypothesis, d. Introduction, Remark 2) falling on the ending, as one would expect it to in au· athematic 3 sg. middle. Cf. BSOAS. XLIII, 9, where Hart quotes the following forms of the verb in question: la-a,u-wa-a-ri, pte. nom. acc. sg. neut. la-l}u-a-a-an: 3 sg. pres. active la-a-a,u-i. The apparent full-grade in *loHw-o would seem to have been modelled on the (accented) sg.

Kri-) in Greek. 13 Much of the material which has been adduced as evidence for a vocalization of interconsonantal *Ha to -0- in Greek is ety.. g. U, aor. info dp,oa(a) at 'swear', d. Chantraine, Dictionnaire II 798; Dvop,at, aor. wvoaap:r)'v 'blame', Chantraine, ibid. 804). However, ooXp,6~ and 06Xp,lO~ 'en travers, oblique' are connected with Skt. jihma- (although the initial consonantism is troublesome, d. Chantraine, ibid. I 295). l6~. ' (: Lat. ci-mex 'a bug') show that a full~gradea7 may precede the suffix *-mo-, and Skt.

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