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This can be a generation Of the unique 1910 variation.

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216. " modern roman From further W. Weekes. J. Roman majuscule and W. Weekes. W. J. capitals. " Pearce. Otto Hupp. Frau Bassermann Nachfolger, Munich. 217. modern gothic capitals — Meant to be fanciful, but not to do any great violence to accepted form. An alphabet in which there is the least approach to design is always in danger of being considered illegible. Legibility is for the most part the paramount consideration but there are cases, however rare, in which it is permitted even to hide the meaning so long as it is there, for those ; whom it may concern.

It is 4 suggests the origin of an ordinary 4 turned part 1634. roman numerals in relief, The stone. the 15th-century shape. 243. 1548? incised in wood — 1588. — From grounded out. a bronze dial. Swiss. Figures 1647. — 1692. 244. cut in stone 245. various dates 1633, wood in relief. 1625, wood The rest on brass (grounded out) or cut in stone. — in 1679 resembles the letter rence in 17th-century A— a German not incised. uncommon The 1 occur- inscriptions. — 246. various 18th-century numerals The complete series from an English Writing Book (Curtis), 1732.

Waldram. Penwork. architect. 182. modern rather gothic capitals—Penwork. R. K. Cowtan. 183. modern majuscule and minuscule, approaching hand. 184. to running R. K. Cowtan. modern majuscule and minuscule —R. K. Cowtan. xxv Descriptive List of Illustrations. 185. modern italic capitals — By Walter West. delicacy of Mr. West's beautiful Much penmanship of the unfor- is tunately lost in the process reproduction. 186. — By Selwyn Image. An penmanship, given as an example of a modern handwriting which may fairly be described modern minuscule alphabet example of his ordinary as caligraphy.

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