By W. Michael Byrd

Starting with the origins of Western medication and technology in Egypt, Greece and Rome, the authors discover the connection among race, medication, and health and wellbeing care. they give an in depth exam of the heritage of highbrow and medical racism that advanced to provide sanction to the mistreatment, clinical abuse, and forget of African american citizens and different non-White humans.

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Health systems—revealing their race and class defects in the process. S. health system and its culture. It becomes obvious that the peculiar matrix of issues surrounding the nexus of race, which also have profound class overtones, must be appropriately addressed if justice and equity in health care are to be obtained for all Americans. S. S. health system to include its structure, institutions, organization, and administration; (3) an assessment of the historical continuum of race- and class-based health disparities that manifest as Black/White differences in access to health care, childhood and adult disease patterns, disability, quality of life, years of potential life lost, and death rates; (4) the evolution of the White medical profession with special focus on its dominance of the health system, its history-based racism, public health posture, and medical-social impact; and (5) the evolution and development of the Black medical profession focusing on its unique and often untold story of Black health advocacy, its unique and singular commitment to the public health and service needs of Black and disadvantaged patients, struggles against professional discrimination and abuse, community leadership, and, on occasion, heroism.

S. health system. This book takes several approaches toward answering questions and addressing issues surrounding race and racism relative to medicine and health care in America. S. health delivery system from an African American perspective. Second, a reassessment of the relationship between the medical profession and issues of race and racism in Western culture and the United States is undertaken. ” Fourth, the book offers a series of explanatory hypotheses that clarify and help explain the results of the ongoing relationships between race, the biomedical and other life sciences, health, and healthcare delivery in the United States from their ancient Afro-European beginnings.

I]n a racist society such as ours, the effect of race is all-encompassing. Race not only affects socioeconomic status, biology, and physical environment; it also affects the way health care institutions function to provide services. Independent of economics, race affects access to care. Independent of economics, race affects the type and quality of health care treatment received. Consequently, to improve the health of African-Americans, it is not sufficient merely to remove economic barriers to access.

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