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His portrait. The first JOSEPH BEUY Warhol used Germany in 1921 and went on to become Beuys was born portraits toured in Europe, opening in one Naples in April of artists in the 1980, followed by Performance movement - Munich and then Geneva. As a result, both of the of the leading combined One which art theater, and music, artists art visual arts. of his most received a lot of famous performances publicity. was How called to Explain Pictures to a Andy Warhol, center, in New York with Joseph Beuys (left).

This However, he photo in 1964 in also included photographs of Jackie smiling. The contrast between the two emotions in the more powerful than a single image would have been. These images show how Jackie's life changed instantly from happiness to sorrow. picture is Warhol's A President Kennedy takes the oath of office, January 1961. own attitude, as always, was unusual. He said, "It didn't bother me that he [JFK] was dead. " TIMELINE Summer 1964 Spring 1964 November 1964 October 1964 I Warhol works at the Factory on the "Jackie" series.

New assassinated by a sniper's bullet in Dallas, Texas. on January 20, 1961 (see photo below). S. president. His term April of criticism Bay the in office had a difficult start. In 1961, he faced international over a failed invasion of of Pigs, and Cuba world drew closer than ever before nuclear Crisis. , Great Britain, and former Soviet Union signed the banning the at the following year the testing of nuclear the first treaty weapons. Kennedy's assassination was mourned all over the world, and millions tuned in to A A photo taken minutes before JFK's assassination.

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