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This examine examines the useful courting among millenarian-inspired terrorism and the method of political switch. via an exhaustive research of overdue Twentieth-century activities, Aum Shinrikyo, Sendero Luminoso and Hezbollah, it concludes that during each one case, apocalyptic expectancies played an important team mobilization, management and healing functionality.

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41 The eighteenth century was a time of difficulty and despair for the Indian communities living in Colonial Peru. Increasingly, indigenous peoples of the Meso America and Andean regions found themselves beleaguered and burdened by the nature and structure of Spanish colonial institutions. 42 After the War of Spanish Succession ended in 1713, and the peace that followed, the Spanish royal Bourbon family sought to THE RISE OF MILLENARIAN TERROR 43 reform their state, including their colonial holdings in the New World.

In addition, understanding the millenarian stream that pervades these cognitive maps provides us with the opportunity to more fully explain the viability of violence as an agent of political change in these cultures. This is so for three reasons. First, millenarianism sets up the possibility that the present circumstances can, in fact, be transcended. In the absence of such a faith, every succeeding generation of the members of these societies would continue a static view of the world, possessing no comprehension of the notion of progress beyond the material conditions of the moment.

In addition, cognitive maps provide members of a society with a guide to social behavior and how to manage the inevitable conflicts that life presents to them. It is the cognitive maps of a society that 34 APOCALYPTIC FAITH AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE both define morality, often in the form of persistent myths, and those behaviors and rituals that are required to sustain it. In addition, they define both the identity and the social roles of the people. They create “value symbols” that impose certain behaviors.

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