By Robert L. Mott

For undergraduate-level classes in Fluid Mechanics or Hydraulics in Mechanical, Chemical, and Civil Engineering know-how and Engineering courses. the most well-liked applications-oriented method of engineering expertise fluid mechanics, this article covers the entire easy ideas of fluid mechanics-both statics and dynamics-in a transparent, sensible presentation that ties conception on to genuine units and structures utilized in chemical strategy industries, production, plant engineering, waste water dealing with and product layout. Readable and obviously written, the hot sixth variation brings a way more appealing visual appeal to the e-book and contains many updates and extra gains.

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Vol. 2 mm ycg is very low because wt. of bar is >> wt. 52 54 From Prob. 22, Fig.

30, X = 118 mm VS = Vol. 073 × 104 mm3 π DC2 ×X VCS = Sub. vol. 139 × 105 mm3 D yS = cb of steel bar = S = 19 mm 2 yCS = cb of sub. vol. 2 mm ycg is very low because wt. of bar is >> wt. 52 54 From Prob. 22, Fig.

46 3 1728 in 3 ft See Prob. 28. 97 in [See Prob. 389 m2 FH = 0 because horiz. 50) FV = 17328 lb = FR FH = 0 because horiz. 55 (See Prob. 99) Eq. 00 FH (See Prob. 65 kN/ m 2 Eq. 11, net vertical force equals the weight of the displaced fluid acting upward and the weight of the cylinder acting downward. 58 See Prob. 57. 59 See Prob. 57. 28 lb up But this indicates that the cylinder would float, as expected. Then, the force exerted by the cylinder on the bottom of the tank is zero. 60 The specific weight of the cylinder must be less than or equal to that of the fluid if no force is to be exerted on the tank bottom.

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